How We Work

How we work


It’s the wonderful life that Myanmar (formerly Burma) gifted has motivated us to give back something to the nation and its people. After hashing out for many years on best possible ways to showcase the hard work, skills, and obstacles faced by the native people of Myanmar; and we were keen on making projects and investment that are profitable and feasible in the future, ensuring that it helped local people to identify and adapt themselves.

After studying sustainable business models for a couple of years, we learned to realize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks posed when dealing with such projects and we found out that there could be alternative approaches to social entrepreneurship business. That’s how we began to formulate a business model that would provide social and economic value abiding by Myanmar’s traditions so that anyone decided to follow this approach could thrive on this line of work.

BayDar’s aim is to revolutionize a very informal trade, by incorporating numerous intermediaries into a system that’s able to enhance the income disposal, enabling appreciable profit amounts to reach the artisan partners. Besides, we make the traceability of a product more accessible, establishing artisan partners as the focus of the business, in addition to designs that combine tradition and modern aesthetics.


BayDar is a Burmese social entrepreneurship business of luxury handicrafts made by native Burmese artisans of Myanmar situated all over Myanmar. BayDar’s primary intention is the design, endorsing native handcrafted products and to build a viable business. BayDar will aid the business growth while bringing social value for every collaborator pertained in its value chain.


Our social entrepreneurship business model functions under the following principles:


Our clients will have 100 percent access to the story of artisans who have helped us put together every single handicraft displayed on BayDar, making every purchase a great experience for both the client and the artisan.



We, at BayDar, believe that a social entrepreneurship business starts making sense when there’s an excellent profit sharing within the value chain. We pay our artisan partners well over the present market values. Besides, our profit sharing system works in a twofold manner: a share of the income that goes directly to the artisan(s) behind the product(s) and another share of income go right into an investment. That investment will be used in respective of artisan’s demands to better their livelihoods.

Baydar's Business Cycle


  • We distinguish ourselves from the rest through our business principles.
  • We provide a direct line of communication with our artisans ensuring a mutual understanding of the process for constant betterment.
  • We are a multicultural team with deep insight on rich cultural heritage and traditions of Myanmar.
  • We bring innovation by reciprocating knowledge and experiences.
  • We thrive on making our clients’ requirements a priority and fulfilling them.
  • We identify and apply sustainability measures to nurture a straightforward way of operation.
  • We provide extensive training on handicraft trade to our artisan partners to ensure quality, forward-thinking, and how to price their products.
  • We provide work-from-home opportunities for artisans in need such as single mothers and elderly; improving employment opportunities throughout the nation.



BayDar’s value chain includes artisans and their communities, employees, suppliers, customers and other respective shareholders associated with the business. Our team is made solely with Burmese proficient with a spirit of entrepreneurship. We excel by transferring creative values and the experiences passed down between generations.

BayDar is pledged on promoting sustainable social values. BayDar excels as a business that accredits the added value of our partners and suppliers.



BayDar’s values are the primary guideline for its operational excellence. We’re proud to identify ourselves as a people-centered business with four primary values: Transparency, Professionalism, Passion, and Respect.


We enforce a high level of transparency to create trustworthy relationships with our artisans, suppliers, customers, and shareholders. We deem highly of the transparency with which we handle our business model, finances and results. Hence, the value of transparency regulates our business processes.


We considered professionalism as the core value in order to achieve our vision. This is what helps us achieve operational excellence; top-quality products are delivered promptly and are sold for a price that is reasonable for both the artisan and the customer.


We, at BayDar, believe that passion is the key to achieve goals. When people are committed and passionate about what they’re doing, you can expect magnificent end results. Passion is what helps us keep up the balance and focus on creating social value and business growth.


Respect is the key for building trustworthy relationships with artisans, employees, suppliers, and clients. A mutual sense of respect can be achieved by implementing best business practices, by ‘living up to your word’ and following the Myanmar culture and traditions.



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