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We invite you to join us on our amazing journey around the world in search of unique handcrafted artifacts; products that have interesting stories behind the artisans that made them and the cultural impact that inspired them. We promote artisans and designers to go beyond the borders and team up to create collections that are a reflection of multiple cultures and traditions.

We look for arts & crafts of cultures that are steeped with generations of historical values and are correlative to contemporary art. Ornamental or functional, every item BayDar curates or commissions is a work of art that persists.


BayDar encourages local artisans by providing them with comprehensive design and product training as well as business guidance. This helps the artisans to bring out their maximum creative and business capabilities.


BayDar generates opportunities for people with skills to develop creative and business skills, make significant income and develop self-respect and gratifications for themselves, their families and their communities.

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