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Vintage Floral Pattern Decoupage Terracotta Pot - Medium Size (Height: 8~9 inches, Width: 10~12 inches)

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Wash & care

Each piece of potteries are handmade by the local artisans at the Pottery Factory. These beautiful pieces are all unique art and ready to be displayed in your home, restaurant or workplace. They make stunning statement on their own or filled with your favorite plant. Your purchase is so much more than a gift to the artisans we are working with. Every sales receive from your purchase will be contributed to our Artisan Development Program for marginalized families and artisans.

If you need a custom piece to match your location’s décor or to suit your creativity, do reach out to us.

We are fostering innovation and creativity to the artisans, makers and producers in the craft industry. We strongly believe these are critical to drive the positive impact and sustainability to the individuals of the community we serve. We  sincerely hope to build respect together with our customers and supporters for intellectual properties of all the artisans who create and make the products.

Product Details

* Hand-painted

* Decoupage Arts


Height - 8~9 inches

Width - 10~12 inches

wash & care
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